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Therefore there will always be a demand for these snacks. I went down to BreadTalk at different timing of the day morning, lunch time, tea-time, evening and closing time to observe the customers.

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With their constantly effort in developing new products, BreadTalk is able to distinguish themselves from the public.

BreadTalk will have to compete will others company Inflation Due to inflation, prices of ingredients increase.

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Bread talk will always enjoy a demand for their bakery products. In , the BreadTalk opened 76 new outlets of bakery, bringing the total number of outlets to 24 outlets are owned and 52 are franchised. Different markets will receive varying marketing mixes with different levels of acceptance. Thus it loses potential Muslim customers in Singapore. I realize that the target market are very wide, from the age group of 13s to 50s. BreadTalk consistently offer customers with quality and interesting and creative products to capture customers. I recommend that BreadTalk can set up a shop specially cater to the Muslim. It is founded by George Quek Chairman and his wife, Katherine Lee Deputy Chairman , when he saw an opportunity for starting a bakery selling freshly baked breads and buns that are visually creative and attractive. This will attract customer through curiosity. They introduce their signature Flosss bun, and causes spiraling long queues.

By this, it attracts customers to buy more. The pro? Who are you going to sell sandwiches to?

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It is a good opportunity for BreadTalk to attract younger customer. BreadTalk often have promotion for new product. Mostly are the residents from neighbourhood and people working around the area.

4p s for breadtalk

Therefore, BreadTalk have to consistently come out with new product with the best quality to attract customers.

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