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Gallaher is now a "brilliant figure" [1] in the London Press and Little Chandler has not seen him in eight years.

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Maybe Gallaher will do him a favor? Uncover new sources by reviewing other students' references and bibliographies Inspire new perspectives and arguments or counterarguments to address in your own essay Read our Academic Honor Code for more information on how to use and how not to use our library. Again, Joyce conceived Dubliners as an integral work of fiction, not merely a collection of stories. The conversation shifts to more mundane topics, as Gallaher asks Chandler about his own life. Chandler's upset by Gallaher's way of talking, which he finds "vulgar" and different from eight years ago A Little Cloud. Chandler is a hard-working, fastidious individual whose dreams complement, not dominate, his daily world. Chandler's preoccupation with London, and his old friend's lavish lifestyle, causes him to take a cynical stance on 'old jog-along' Dublin and his own life there. When I looked on her face as she lay in her coffin—a face grey and wasted with cancer—I understood that I was looking on the face of a victim and I cursed the system which made her a victim Letters II If it died!

The screams of his child that pierce his concentration as he tries to read poetry bring him to a tragic revelation. His son wakes and starts to cry.

A married man and father who earned his nickname from his small and delicate deportment, Little Chandler whittles away the afternoon hours at his clerical job, constantly thinking about his approaching evening drink.

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Chandler knows that Gallaher declined his invitation because he sees Chandler as inferior, and sees all of Ireland as inferior, too. Little Tommy Chandler, the name which Joyce chose for the father, not for the infant, then begins to lose his temper. Why, then, does Annie perhaps named for St. This inability to either appreciate or to escape life in Dublin, however, isn't the fault of fortune, as Chandler would have us believe. But the facts of his life aren't so bad. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Little Chandler used to love poetry, but he gave it up when he got married. Her overview of important critical approaches also emphasizes shifting opinions, sometimes within the minds of individual scholars This whole reunion is not going so well. The cloud image in this scene of Portrait is intentionally delayed. Techniques such as these lend the volume coherence. Chandler's preoccupation with London, and his old friend's lavish lifestyle, causes him to take a cynical stance on 'old jog-along' Dublin and his own life there.

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What makes you cringe? We learn about the many things restraining Chandler: the furniture is still being paid for, and his wife decides how to decorate the house. Little Chandler works as a copyist in Dublin, and as he thinks about Gallaher, and then, in contrast, about the scene outside his window, "he became sad. Gallaher mentions that Chandler is married, and we learn that it's been about two years, and that he has a young son. All of the furniture, chosen by Annie, seems "prim and pretty. In fact, although Joyce had tentatively chosen the names George and Lucy several months before the baby was born, the infant was still nameless at two months old Letters II 95, His mood at the beginning of the final scene in the story is reflective, self-pitying, and, ultimately, enraged. Gallagher says that if he does marry, it will be for money. He's called "Little Chandler" despite his more or less average height because he gives the impression of being small and childlike. Though he is obviously a successful journalist, Gallaher appears a little worse for wear, which he attributes to the rigors of 'press life.

By the end of the story he feels ashamed of his disloyal behavior, completing the circle of emotions, from doubt to assurance to doubt, that he probably will repeat for the rest of his life. At this point in the drama, Chandler surely realizes that Annie could succeed where he had failed.

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