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Correct Answer: Specific authorization must be granted by the credit manager. Question 7 4 out of 4 points This document is a legal contract that defines responsibility for goods that are in transit. Question 16 4 out of 4 points Companies that specialize in processing payroll are known as Selected Answer: payroll service bureaus.

Examiner Anton R. Question 17 4 out of 4 points When the human resources manager wants to gather data about vacation and personal day usage by employees and by departments, the manager would use which language? Drays Co is a company, sells medical equipment, which desires to adopt Xero accounting software.

Accounting information system case study solutions

It must also be protected from natural disasters and power surges that can cause data loss. Correct Answer: confirmation. The presentation is made up of the background of study, statement of the problem, purpose of study, objectives of study, research questions, assumptions, significance of study, limitations and delimitations of study, definition of terms and finally, the summary of the chapter. Selected Answer: social security taxes Correct Answer: social security taxes Question 20 4 out of 4 points Which type of payroll report contains information such as the employees' gross pay, payroll deductions, and net pay in a multicolumn format? In addition to cost, factors to consider in selecting hardware include speed, storage capability and whether it can be expanded and upgraded. Question 22 4 out of 4 points Which characteristic of the fraud triangle relates to excuses that perpetrators use to justify their illegal behavior? Correct Answer: relevant events. Correct Answer: altering or falsifying source data. Question 38 4 out of 4 points Restricting access of users to specific portions of the system as well as specific tasks, is Selected Answer: authorization.

Suppose that the word to be encrypted is SPY and the random digits are Spies have been using it to convey secret messages ever since there were secret messages to convey. Question 39 4 out of 4 points Perimeter defense is an example of which of the following preventive controls that are necessary to provide adequate security?

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Selected Answer: the business activity, the resources it affects, the people who participate Correct Answer: the business activity, the resources it affects, the people who participate Question 9 4 out of 4 points Hector Sanchez works in the accounting department of a multinational manufacturing company.

Having all this data in one place—in the AIS—facilitates a business's record-keeping, reporting, analysis, auditing, and decision-making activities. Question 28 4 out of 4 points An entity-relationship E-R diagram Selected Answer: can represent the contents of any database.

Accounting information system case study solutions

Selected Answer: Employee master file Correct Answer: Employee master file Question 7 4 out of 4 points The quality assurance department at a large manufacturing business enters data into the AIS that is used to produce a weekly report that summarizes the proportion of defective units in each product line. These documents might have a tangential relationship to the company's finances, but, excluding the standard footnotes, they are not really part of the company's financial record-keeping. An AIS must have internal controls to protect against unauthorized computer access and to limit access to authorized users, which includes some users inside the company. Valukas' report states, "At the time of its bankruptcy filing, Lehman maintained a patchwork of over 2, software systems and applications The system could even be outsourced to a specialized company. Perhaps most importantly, the hardware selected for an AIS must be compatible with the intended software. Selected Answer: failure to enforce the internal controls Correct Answer: failure to enforce the internal controls Question 26 4 out of 4 points The deceptive method by which a perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user is called Selected Answer: masquerading. Question 36 4 out of 4 points Benathir Donathat, director of the project committee, has received approval from management for implementation of a new accounting information system. Risks and benefits are explored. Correct Answer: Encrypted packets cannot be examined by a firewall. The spy is sent out with one and the spy master retains the other. Question 46 4 out of 4 points User reviews are an example of a n Selected Answer: output control. Question 25 4 out of 4 points What is the most prevalent opportunity within most companies to commit fraud?

Question 13 4 out of 4 points Chuck and Jill Scruggs travel in their motor home six months of the year and buy unique artifacts.

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