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The pressure caused by the oxygen gas caused the tank to rupture and blow the side off of the spacecraft. This example from the movie shows how even astronauts, pictures of health and fitness, are subject to and even succumb to, maladies associated with these factors.

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Guiding questions could include: Why should humans be sent to the Moon—a dangerous and costly endeavor—rather than unmanned probes? Because of this they will also know that carbon dioxide is not generally harmful.

Could unmanned probes and rovers collect enough information to find out everything we want to know about the Moon?

apollo 13 writing assignments

The creators of Apollo 13, made a majestic achievement in accurately portraying the number of events surrounding Apollo 13 with the depth of the story that they were trying to represent.

From observations, several hypotheses were created at the same time. This observation may have led them to make several working hypotheses, such as a family member turned it off, the batteries ran low, or the CD ended. Also, in retrospect, the reviewer was quite pleased with the movie as a whole not only was it for the most part extremely precise, but also the costumes matched the legitimate uniforms of the Apollo 13 crew almost perfectly Google Images.

The simplest of these activities uses only three sheets of newspaper and a foot of masking tape. The uncontrolled movement of the spacecraft ruled out the incorrect instrument readings.

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The film details the circumstances affecting two separate but cohesive teams. With high amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood, a person goes into a state of narcosis. One of the most shocking facts however is that Al Shepherd was not moved back to Apollo 14 because of an ear infection, but in fact because of his lack of training, and NASA trying to allow him more time to train before actually heading off into space. Jenifer L. There are a variety of ways that a teacher might use this film. Overall, the reviewer thought the film was extremely relevant to American history, and given its accuracies was a very entertaining movie. The hypothesis that a meteor struck the lunar module was eliminated because such an event would have pierced the spacecraft and allowed all of the life-sustaining atmosphere to escape. Regardless of its deficiencies when it came to detail, the makers of Apollo 13 spared no expense to get the main ideas across while still keeping the audience interested. We sometimes erroneously think that we stifle creativity by placing parameters around it. Assignment 3: Writing Apollo 13 Writing Assignment Pretend you are one of the characters in the movie. Ley is a graduate of Edgewood College and is a member of the Peace Corps currently teaching science in Africa. The movie Apollo 13, about the third lunar mission, provides opportunities to teach students about several science concepts and the nature of scientific investigation Goll and Woods The tank was filled during a test to determine if the liquid oxygen would not leak.
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