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Athletic aggression: An issue of contextual morality. The ARU is no doubt justifiably concerned with the extent to which infringement of these clauses might cause reputational damage to the game and impact upon its viability as a sport and as a commercial enterprise.

Although an athlete may not want to continue on with the game, they stick with it, they stay committed. But what are these crowds there for?

This seems a more reasonable understanding of the role model argument than the obligation interpretation.

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Our only choice is whether to be a good role model or a bad one. These two cases are just two of the more serious problems that athletes get into. Freedom of speech and conscience already protect and support this.

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Wilson, B. Therefore, Premise 2 of the Activist Argument is not met: athletes, in general, do not have an ability to influence the political views of others in positive ways. In Roman times years ago, athletes represented the state during the gladiator games and chariot races. Sport Center gives us all their individual accolades along with astonishing highlights. She showed that women could make it big in sports. The focus of this paper is not on the nature of moral reasoning in sport, however the research of Bredemeier and Shields suggests that defending the intuition that professional athletes have a duty to be role models both within and beyond the sporting context will be a more complex matter than distinguishing the nature of various types of ethical responsibility, as Wellman 12 Professional Athletes and their Duty to be Role Models above has done. By comparison, sport is generally characterised by a greater degree of personal freedom, a lessening of relational responsibility and by more egocentric moral thinking. Reid argues that: In fact, sport is only possible as long as the contestants decide to view it as play. Players and coaches must stay motivated as well as motivating each other.

This, again, is too strong. For example, Cass Sunstein, whom I cite as one source for the trend of increasing polarization, sees this polarization as a result of filtering that could be overcome, for example, by more spontaneous exposure to divergent views.

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Bredemeier, B. It was TV advertising at its best, stirring interest and a great debate. The Michigan State University athletes are involved in a program in which they go to kids in the classroom to talk and hang out with these younger students.

It cannot be the case that the fact of having an ability means one has an obligation to use that ability. We don't choose to be role models, we are chosen.

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Should athletes be role models?