Business plan with low investment in kolkata

In fact, it even pays some YouTubers whose channels are popular. Alternatively the business of buying a property and then selling it out at a higher price can also be a lucrative option for many.

Try capturing the wholesale market for tools and combine the manufacturing and trading tools to attain regular customers.

You can start a small business by making these food products at home, with some basic skills and equipment. They train students about etiquette and other skills necessary for the elite.

While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or join any fitness classes, the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them get in shape is definitely more appealing to them. Because handmade chocolates have unique tastes and flavors do not contain any artificial colors, flavors and preservative.

Small investment business from home

You too can enter this market by opening a brewery and launching your own, unique brand of beers. This is another high investment business idea but returns are equally high, especially if you locate your store in the departures lounge. Recorders to play them are not easily available. If you can set up a unit in the city you are situated and get into concepts from these sites to provide designer and traditional stuff and designs which women like, there is no looking back. As initially, one can start making sweets at a residence and approach acquaintances or people in the locality. You can easily make minimum Rs. You can sell your creations at colleges, student gatherings, stores and door-to-door. Insurance Consultant Starting small insurance consultancy or taking insurance agency is another good business idea.

Your investment of about Rs. It fetches between Rs. You can find various web design courses here.

business ideas in kolkata in bengali

There are a lot of competitors, but the use and throw nature keeps the demand for the same high. Hiring skilled craftsmen for repairing furniture will help you embark on this venture.

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27 Small Business Ideas for Kolkata with Low Investment ยป