Cliches to avoid when writing an essay

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common cliches

Ask a friend to listen as you read your writing out loud. Understand its meaning and look up synonyms for the word s you could use to shape your point.

cliche alternatives

Then, we had a picnic. No other writer has had exactly the same personal experiences as you, conducted the same research, or formulated the same arguments. It was probably back in elementary school or middle school. On the other hand, it can be really helpful to use a quote if it succinctly presents the issue your essay will be about.

This method leaves you with a list of many words, and you can pick the most fitting combination. I will be able to immerse myself in another country because I have experience as an ESL tutor interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Find cliches in your writing

Conclusion Coming up with a good, non cliche introduction to your essay isn't an easy thing. Accusations and apologies are served up along with great gobs of personal history. Quotes make great social media captions and horrible essay additions. Then, we went to the store. The truth is, knowing what a dictionary says about a specific topic does little to frame your argument and almost nothing to draw your readers in. A cousin of the grand statement introduction is the "look back in time" intro. You are responsible for making sure a limited amount of money goes to the most qualified applicants…and you have to read through hundreds of application essays!

Using too many big words Pretentious much? It might take you a while to get to that level but do it anyway. In their effort to grip us, beginning writers tend to rush: They equate their own adrenaline with that of the reader.

Quotes make great social media captions and horrible essay additions. Read it slowly and out loud, stopping often to develop mental pictures that reflect what you have written. In situations like these, the American poet Maya Angelou suggests we change our attitudes instead.

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6 Cliches to Avoid on the College Essay