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To advertise, I brought a wallet to class, and students clamored to order a duct-tape wallet. Cloud was little and reference. The first and foremost friends that welcomed, comforted and sustained human life on this planet were surely the trees and plants. Proper long-term care about recycling waste. Trees are producers of food and are found at the bottom of the food chain. Trees are also beautiful. They protect the soil from rain and wind that would otherwise be wasted or blown away. Without this, there is no possibility of life. Trees are natural ventilators. These nutrients are then absorbed by trees, plants and microorganisms in the soil in order to grow and be healthy. This also helps in fresher air for the people. Furthermore, there are many species of animals and birds which are dependent on trees for their survival. They are the source of oxygen which is essential for survival of all living beings on the Earth. When: 09, saving trees and social habits defending earth.

Read an integral part and their uses of trees. The urbanisation and the shift from nature due to the technology around us have not been good on us. Let us timber, where you short time for community as concerned. In olden times, trees were also exploited as the object of worship.

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Without forests, many of these animals would cease to exist, which would disrupt the nature of food chain. It also maintains the temperature of an area at a lower level than an area that does not have trees. They also reduce soil erosion caused by water runoff. The sight of multi-colored flowers and fruit-laden trees virtually delights us very much. So, understand the endless benefits of planting trees and start planting a few right in your backyard. The following are some of the benefits of planting trees: 1. Does this topic even owe an explanation? They offer many other gifts. Further, the Carbon dioxide breathed in by the trees is one of the greenhouse gases. Trees also produce natural sweet scents to our surroundings. It is unfortunate to note that human beings are destroying trees without caring for its importance. Feeling Stuck on Your Essay? Essay for school violence facts.

When good health is maintained, it in turn reduces the loss of our wealth. Therefore, planting trees is very important to decrease the quantity of polluted air from the environment. All kind of trees written by kids, sports day nov 14, by ralph waldo emerson put forth the beauty of the place.

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Records 1 - The trees on the highways provide a soothing effect to the riders.

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Trees are Our Best Friends