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The name of your company. Do you have business partners? When you sit down to write, you'll naturally think through important pieces, like your startup costs, your target marketand any market analysis or research you'll need to do to be successful.

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The five forces are: Competition: we will go into this in more detail next, but for this model you should discuss how much competition there is, and how profitable they might be. Franklin, B.

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The first part? You should be able to find national figures with relatively little research. Your brand should seep into all aspects of your business — the website, advertisements, and even the tone of communications with customers. Our suggestion is to take a look at both LivePlan and StratPad and select the one that you like best. Regardless of the format you choose, know that you may want to have a few versions. Ready to get started? The name of any other owners or key partners. If it does, develop a strategy and implement it. These types of plans might include projections about profitability and growth ten or more years into the future. This section should also include the types of consumers you are hoping to serve, along with any advantages your business has over others that provide the same services. What improvements or changes in current products would encourage customers to purchase more of them? Learn more about earning your MBA. Most of this should already be covered in your forecasted sales report, but make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Ask for it. Click here to take a look at BizPlan. The winning product is the one that ends up with the highest overall score. Government regulation, customer loyalty, and patents and copyrights can be barriers to new businesses entering a market or industry.

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Are you the sole owner? Do any obstacles to success stand in your way? The presence of a company that sells and promotes vinyl siding as a substitute for painted surfaces will reduce the size of the market share for paint. Don't be afraid to use graphics to illustrate your points. With a much smaller staff, a food truck is also more likely to be open for lunch only, or closed a couple days per week. Step 5: Analyze the results of your research. Unlike many other projections, the emphasis here is exactly when cash leaves or enters your possession. As sales increase, you may have to hire more employees, or move into a bigger office. Lastly, consider distribution. What other uses of the product exist that can be introduced into new markets?

Discuss their location, products, pricing, market share, and any important strategic decisions they have made.

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How to Draft a Good Business Plan