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The latest version is 4.

crime stats

The process to follow is the same for each run: set the Intensity Z variable to the appropriate field, and then click on the Spatial Description tab, and then on the Spatial Autocorrelation tab.

CrimeStat IV uses a multivariate Poisson regression model, with stepwise options, to create the prediction.

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Spatial Modelling There are also a number of techniques that can be used to create traditional statistical models including regression and discrete choice. The latest version is 4. The program is Windows-based and interfaces with most desktop GIS programs. Ensure you save the results and also save the ellipses to a shapefile. Ned Levine. The manual is a set of individual chapters in PDF files which can be viewed online or downloaded. Also new in CrimeStat IV are multivariate modeling tools. Applied Geography, 86, You will need to set the Measurement Parameters in order to ensure that various statistics are calculated correctly. The basic file format is dBase dbf but shape shp , and Ascii text files can also be read.

You'll need to add to the plots the Moran's I values and their significance. Unfortunately, I have found that if you Save the Parameters under Options the program subsequently bombs--so, unfortunately, do not save or load the parameters.

Crime stat

Zones with small populations will often produce exaggerated incident rates due to low numbers of events e. Data setup[ edit ] CrimeStat can input data both attribute and GIS files but requires that all datasets have geographical coordinates assigned for the objects.

Crime statistics

Save your results to a shapefile. In order to visualize the results, create a quantitative map showing the Frequency of criminal activities i. The Professional Geographer. H The identification of clusters using absolute data i. Measurement parameters - This page identifies the type of distance measurement direct, indirect or network to be used and specifies parameters for the area of the study region and the length of the street network. Each segment can be weighted by travel time, travel speed, travel cost or simple distance. In order to conduct the Knox analysis we need to convert the time stored as plain text into a suitable 'time' format. They are particularly useful for large data sets, in which it can be difficult to interpret a pattern from the point data directly see introduction, above. Version 1. A reminder: the 'grid cell' sizes and their coordinates were specified earlier, when you entered the parameters for the Reference File. We will only consider the Moran's I statistic for this lab although the other measures are worth exploring as they do provide alternative views of the spatial autocorrelation present in the data. Figure 1: The CrimeStat file prefix is given after the analysis name highlighted in yellow. Zones with small populations will often produce exaggerated incident rates due to low numbers of events e.

Note down the Z-score associated with the User Input Area and report them along with the graphical output you are producing using Excel. There is no associated practical work, as the CrimeStat documentation serves as an adequate tutorial, but assistance can be provided for anyone interested in using the software.

Finally, the size of the manual may be daunting to new users of spatial statistics.

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Output[ edit ] CrimeStat has three different types of output: Screen output that displays the results once the calculations are finished.

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Geob Lab 4: Crime Analysis Using CrimeStat