Drug cartel

Drug cartel

As shown by image 2 Ejido Tampicofrom tothe occupied land at the Tijuana airport remained relatively undeveloped. Some people I knew became really scared of starting businesses as well, because cartel members would come by and try and extort their profits.

Something has changed. Some of the bodies had their hands tied and showed signs of having been tortured. The cartel also benefited for a long time of easiness in cash transactions and money laundering through banks with presence both in the US and Mexico like HSBC.

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Another 29, people were murdered in Mexico, where the government's decade-long cartel war has caused violence to escalate nationwide. It is an offshoot of the Guadalajara cartel, and they grew to international notoriety in when they kidnapped and murdered undercover DEA agent Kiki Camarena in You can WhatsApp us on The horrific mass killing at a bar in Coatzacoalcos this week took place in a Zeta-controlled area. I kept going to the shows at the farms but I was becoming more and more uncomfortable. To accomplish this task he used every means available: Boeing cargo aircraft, narco submarines , container ships, go-fast boats , fishing vessels, buses, rail cars, tractor trailers and automobiles. He warned locals to take precautions, but said residents should not alter their daily routines in light of the killings. In December , three suspected members of the cartel were arrested in Lipa in Batangas province in the Philippines with 84 kilograms of methamphetamine. Improved collaboration between the US and Mexico has resulted in numerous high-profile arrests and drug busts. What has the war cost so far? When Garcia Abrego was arrested in , the group was making billions every year. In the ensuing years, drug tunnels moving tons of narcotics were detected in and around the Tijuana airport. He is seen in the footage sat on a chair with his hands and feet bound and appears to be only wearing underwear and socks.

A friend of mine got me a job with a local magazine, and before long, I'd made a name for myself. Then they are also fighting La Resistencia for control of Jalisco. And five were shot dead in a bar the month after.

When Garcia Abrego was arrested inthe group was making billions every year.

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My parents became concerned about my lifestyle and the kind of people I was working for. Recent killings contrast with years of gangs hiding hits, recalling instead past drug wars, when criminal groups dumped piles of bodies as overt warning.

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In , a video surfaced showing El Chapo beheading a rival with a chainsaw before cutting the face off the head and stitching it to a football. Nepomuceno Moreno was an activist who sought justice for the disappearance of is son and joined the Mexican Indignados Movement , led by the poet Javier Sicilia. Even Mexico City — long seen as a island of relative calm from the conflict — has seen a surge in crime this year. It was owned by a fund run by banking giant JPMorgan Chase. Gang members shot all 72 victims in the back of the head in a warehouse, one by one, including several pregnant women. The first time I saw something like that it was so horrible, I was just deeply shocked — but, sadly, it soon became normal. The report also alleged, with support from an anthropologist who studies drug trafficking, that data on the low arrest rate of Sinaloa Cartel members compared to other groups was evidence of favoritism on the part of the authorities. When several cartel members were arrested wearing a certain designer polo shirt in , everyone wanted that shirt. They do so using a combination of killing, threats and bribes. The cartels started splitting into smaller groups, spreading out from their original areas of control. Earlier this week, 25 people died in a packed bar in Coatzacoalcos when cartel members entered, locked all the doors, and used machine guns and Molotov cocktails to massacre everyone inside. I glanced around uncomfortably, thinking about the predicament I was in.

With unregulated trucking and warehouse operations, the former Ejido Tampico became a major distribution point for narcotics being moved into the United States. On 11 July "El Chapo" escaped from a maximum security prisonwhich is his second successful jailbreak from a maximum security facility in 14 years.

The Zetas raped female kidnapped victims and made males fight to the death with other hostages with hammers and machetes.

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'I spent eight months working for a Mexican drug cartel'