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All your efforts went in vain with the malfunctioning of your laptop. There are many variations on these themes as will be Active Participation of Students and teachers Students actively take part in the classroom activities.

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Hence, educators have to be expert in technical skills toor the school has to hire technical experts adding extra expenses to their expenditures to overcome these technical challenges. The edifice of civilization rests on education because it enables an individual to seek excellence. There are many variations on these themes as will be discussed later in this Through of education, the students have more opportunities to improve their skills, and also gain more knowledge in their professional field.

We do not need new policies while our previous policies are pending. Today our education system does not offer the environment and opportunity of one and equal system of education.

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The main problem is the inequality in public and private education sector of Pakistan. Many websites come with wrong information that has been copied and pasted from other sources without checking its authenticity. Experts say that people are sacrificing their handwriting to adopt the technology for fast learning. Vast outlook: This the main advantage of education. Their textbooks and methods are altogether different. At the same time, it should be affordable. It is believed that Pakistan is among the most prominent states affected by gender discrimination. Pakistan is facing number of drawbacks in its education system.

For the improvements of our education system, we are required to pursue the following four points. Have a good education system, the schools, institutes, and universities need obtain a good structure of learning, and teaching for children, and students.

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Essay on “Today's Education System