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Probably a lot duller.

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The children finish their breakfasts and run off to school. It's not a celebration of innocence. The clearest example of Our Town's role as a collective memory-or, more specifically, as a template for human memory-is when the Stage Manager explains that a copy of Our Town will be placed in the time capsule in the cornerstone of the new Grover's Corners bank, so that in a thousand years it will be known that "this is the way we were: in our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying.

It's a perfect treatment, staged with equal parts human love and Zen detachment, alive to Wilder's words and his larger purpose.

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With the story of George and Emily Wilder shows the power of love and the need for love among humans. Further everyday details follow before the choristers return from rehearsal. My great-grandfather, Frank Craven, played the lead role of the Stage Manager in the original Broadway production, and his son, John Craven, my grandfather, played George Gibbs. Yet this specificity serves, paradoxically, to further highlight the anonymity of Grover's Corners. The Transience of Human Life Although Wilder explores the stability of human traditions and the reassuring steadfastness of the natural environment, the individual human lives in Our Town are transient, influenced greatly by the rapid passage of time. We are told the latitude and longitude of Grover's Corners to the minute; a professor is introduced to inform the audience about the geological makeup of the area and several versions of the official population. Amy Thone's delivery of the Stage Manager's koan-like homilies—"Now there are some things we all know but we don't take'm out and look at'm very often He joins in the action of the play periodically, as the minister at the wedding, the soda shop owner, a local townsman, etc. Gibbs comes downstairs to prepare breakfast. In the first scenes, he is scolded for throwing soap at his sister. Webb, next-door neighbors, meet in their yards to talk. In this act we are introduced to the death of Emily and many others. Gibbs pneumonia , while traveling , Wally Webb burst appendix, while camping , Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Probably a lot duller.

Without moralizing, he imparts to viewers that there is something worthy and noble about the life of these simple people. It was one of those spontaneous human things that happen during a live performance, all the more natural on account of the informality of the production.

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Despite his concerns, the production was solid. Speaking of the moon, its nighttime light serves to unify the vignettes of the First Act's closing scenes: the last section of the act begins with the singing of the hymn "Blessed Be the Tie That Binds," and the tie that binds the characters in the scene is, in many ways, the moon.

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