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Through an analysis of documents from this period and the social, political, and economic changes that occurred in the colonies, it is clear that the colonial governmental system was radically changed during this time period.

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On March 5, , a large crowd gathered around a group of British soldiers. George Washington , a former military officer and wealthy Virginian, was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. First there were protests and arguments. Not ready to purchase a subscription? As the American Revolution would not spring up overnight, but throughout a series of events that would build tension caused by different views on government, and conflicting interests between the British and their colonies on the western hemisphere. They represented an authoritarian vision of empire in which colonies would be subordinate. The American Revolution was a political revolution because the values of government because government changed from a monarchy to a republic. No one can really say what the exact cause of the Revolution was, but there were many important social, cultural, political and economic causes that led up to the war. The battle effectively ended in a draw, as the Americans held their ground, but Clinton was able to get his army and supplies safely to New York. The affair was investigated for possible treason, but no action was taken. Meanwhile, many delegates from the Middle Colonies—including New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia—took a more moderate position, calling for renewed attempts at reconciliation. Even more broadly, the Revolution ended the mercantilist economy, opening new opportunities in trade and manufacturing. The French were a major ally to the colonies and there were French, German, and Spanish soldiers who fought in the war. On the evening of March 5, , a crowd gathered outside the Custom House and began hurling insults, snowballs, and perhaps more at the young sentry. The war followed more than a decade of growing estrangement between the British crown and a large and influential segment of its North American colonies that was caused by British attempts to assert greater control over colonial affairs after having long adhered to a policy of salutary neglect.

In Aprilthe battle of Lexington occurred, closely followed by the battle of Concord. In the opening months ofindependence, for the first time, became part of the popular debate.

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The fourth Act was the Quartering Act of , which allowed royal governors to house British troops in the homes of citizens without requiring permission of the owner. Congress called for a boycott beginning on 1 December of all British goods; it was enforced by new committees authorized by the Congress. The engraving was quickly circulated and reprinted throughout the colonies, generating sympathy for Boston and anger with Britain. News of the events at Lexington spread rapidly throughout the countryside. That war was fought by British soldiers on several different continents. Thanks for watching! They, like most colonists in this period, still expected a peaceful conciliation with Britain and grew increasingly suspicious of the resistance movement. There must have been many different events or beliefs that changed the American colonist views to declare their independence. The colonial economy improved as the postwar recession receded. In the s, Americans would shape and then reshape that nation-state, first with the Articles of Confederation, ratified in , and then with the Constitution in and The new constitution substantially reduced universal male suffrage, gave the governor veto power and patronage appointment authority, and added an upper house with substantial wealth qualifications to the unicameral legislature. The radical Massachusetts delegates—including John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock—implored the Congress to support the Massachusetts militia, who without supplies were laying siege to Boston. On the ground, fighting in the American Revolution began with the skirmishes between British regulars and American provincials on April 19, , first at Lexington , where a British force of faced 77 local minutemen , and then at Concord , where an American counterforce of to sent the British scurrying. At the same time, British goods and luxuries previously desired now became symbols of tyranny.

It led to the Declaration of Independence and the freedom of America from the British. The war ended inand the United States of America was born. In MayCongress voted to suppress all forms of crown authority, to be replaced by locally created authority.

The protests in Boston acted as the cornerstones for the revolution.

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Benjamin Franklin had been in Paris trying to secure a treaty of alliance with the French.

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History: American Revolution