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Many countries rely on migrant workers to help them plug their labour shortfalls, while migrants' remittances provide a vital source of finance and foreign exchange for households and governments in their countries of origin.

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Using temporary workers who enjoy fewer rights than permanent residents to fill long-term jobs is exploitative. Some workers are promised jobs to entice them to come to the U. That is why there should be a straightforward public debate about immigration policy.

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That is why there should be a straightforward public debate about immigration policy. If the company provides food for its employees, it is often low quality and not very nutritious. So it might not help anybody? It is not good for the workers, and it is not good for Canada. Many have applied for refugee status and face serious dangers in their home countries. Sexual or physical assault incidents are also underreported in the migrant worker population because of the fear of consequences. If they do, they will have a lot of trouble due to strict rules. Currently the only monitoring conducted is complaints-driven, or dependent on the province, since some have stepped in to fill the gaps left by the federal government. Breaks, overtime, sick pay and minimum wage laws may not be followed because there is no recourse for the worker.

This often starts before they've even left home. Many are economically exploited, being charged illegal recruitement fees or being subjected to wage theft, and their visa conditions often make them dependent on their employers for such things as housing, access to healthcare, and access to basic information about their rights.

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Horrible conditions persist, however, as do labor law violations and human rights abuses, despite the fact that technical interns are ostensibly protected by all labor laws. Migrant workers are often isolated from their neighbors because they do not speak the language and shop mostly at ethnic stores.

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The detention centers are also criticized for being run with little transparency. But once in their host country, for far too many migrant workers, hopes of building a better life for their families soon fade when they realise that they must plough the majority of their wages into loan repayments. Yet we hear few reports that the shortages have been solved. Local residents may discriminate or resent migrant workers for taking the available jobs in the area. Before coming up with a new policy for foreign workers, they should first confront the human rights violations suffered by detainees today. Critics have characterized this legislation as Japan plotting a completely new course toward immigration policy, but Abe has denied that this is the case. It is permanent. Many have applied for refugee status and face serious dangers in their home countries. The only part I can laud is the fact that the special skills Category 2 will open up a path to permanent residence. Caregivers, who until last year had a guaranteed pathway to permanent residence, now face caps on the number that can apply for permanent residence, leaving some without access. However, apart from the creation of a path to permanent residency, other aspects of the bill are full of holes. You believe it will have little impact then? This means that Canada is bringing in more and more workers on only a temporary basis, with fewer rights, limited access to services, and no access to federally-funded settlement services.

In some countries, national law prohibits migrant workers from joining trade unions, so they can't organise themselves to bargain collectively for better pay and conditions.

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‘Foreign workers a constant issue’