George orwell the sporting spirit essay

By having Arsenal play an all-England team they are in many ways cheating in order to prove themselves better than they really are.

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If anything Orwell compares the participation in sport as being similar to war without the weapons. You can learn about truly exceptional individuals. Orwell also argues that there is an element of savagery among those who attend sporting events.

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Clearly some sports, the more physical, seem more inclined to produce violence and negative feelings. He sees no positives for it once it becomes a divide between different towns, cities or countries. At any rate, two or three years ago, when Home Guards and regular troops were holding a boxing tournament, I was placed on guard at the door of the hall, with orders to keep the women out.

Most cricket fans have read of E W Swanton's Wisden which gave solace to many Allied soldiers in Japanese prisoner of war camps.

war minus shooting essay

If I came across as sarcastic, that was merely incidental. One German captain presented a splendid bierstein to his opposite number after a hard-fought game.

George orwell the sporting spirit essay

I noted with interest, as an instance of the vicious passions that football provokes, that the sporting correspondent of the russophile News Chronicle took the anti-Russian line and maintained that Arsenal was not an all-England team. At the international level sport is frankly mimic warfare. Their stories are extraordinary and inspiring and we offer just a taste on these pages. It can be all too easy to convince ourselves of a nice-sounding narrative, as we have done about the Olympics and international sport, when even brief thought and reflection could bring us closer to the reality. In England, the obsession with sport is bad enough, but even fiercer passions are aroused in young countries where games playing and nationalism are both recent developments. Clearly some sports, the more physical, seem more inclined to produce violence and negative feelings. As soon as strong feelings of rivalry are aroused, the notion of playing the game according to the rules always vanishes. But a boxing audience is always disgusting, and the behaviour of the women, in particular, is such that the army, I believe, does not allow them to attend its contests.

Related Posts:. Orwell also disagrees with women attending boxing matches on the grounds that they get too emotional.

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