How to write a news and views article nature conservation

Author Guidelines Main Text Title: The title should be in a sentence case only scientific, geographic or person names should be with a first capital letter, i.

nature news and views

Amino-acid sequences should be printed in Courier or other monospaced font using the one-letter code in lines of 50 or characters. Contributions should therefore be written clearly and simply so that they are accessible to readers in other disciplines and to readers for whom English is not their first language.

how to write a news and views article nature conservation

However, we recognize that to illustrate some concepts the use of published data is required and the reuse of previously published display items may be necessary. A maximum of ten Extended Data display items figures and tables is permitted. Elsevier: New York. If further references are included in this section, the numbering should continue from the end of the last reference number in the rest of the paper and the list should accompany the additional Methods at the end of the paper.

Accession numbers should be provided in parentheses after the entity on first use. Nature authors must make data and materials publicly available upon publication.

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