Identify sources of information and support or services to enable more effective communication

The client maybe deaf or hard of hearing.

Describe situations where information normally considered to be confidential might be passed on

You should always do your best to ensure the location is as comfortable as possible and meets the needs of individuals or environmental barriers could make communication difficult. Environments that are too hot or cold cause discomfort and those that lack privacy discourage people from expressing their feelings and problems. Get Essay Communicating with colleagues will able us to share useful information about the client and immediately point out any changes to the care plan, we can also support the development of our own knowledge and skills. Lighting is it too dark or too bright? This means your writing should be clear and legible as well as professional and objective. To give or get Information: To share facts, instructions, reports, announcements, lectures, interviews, news… 3. Real work situation. When communicating with support staff I make sure that I remain part of. The ways to check that communication has been understood could include a recap of the conversation so that the messages discussed are re-confirmed and agreed by both parties. You cannot divulge their details to other people without their consent first. The one I prefer is the following classification: 1.

Related Papers. The quality of these documents varies between service providers and even between services under the same providerhowever there will ideally be a section on communicating with the individual, which will specify how best to approach communication and any particular nuances that individual has.

There are different groups of barriers: Environmental noisy room or too hot or too cold environment, an uncomfortable chair…verbal people who speak very quickly, different languages…interpersonal prejudices about the race, sex, age of the other person…semantic the words can have two or more meaningsphysiological very low voice, deftness…psychological the receptor can have prejudices about the subject or the transmitter can be too much excited to speak properly3.

5. explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively

The court can ask for information about other people this carer had contact with to have more evidences. Professional duty to ensure individuals receive the very best care and support is essential to provide the best service you can for them. Their cognition may also be slower, so may not be able to process information if somebody speaks too fast or does not give them enough time for it to sink in. You will also find that many individuals are happy to provide you with information about their communication needs — for example, somebody who is hard of hearing will probably have no qualms about asking you to speak up a bit! Task 3: Be able to reduce barriers to communication. Effective communication means making sure we are understood and that we understand the person we are communicating with. There are several reasons: To express a need. By being able to identify these barriers, we can take measures to eliminate them or at least minimize their impact. In order to communicate effectively with an individual it is paramount to identify and understand their language needs, wishes and preferences. In the case of a foreign language being spoken, the help of a translator or interpretation service can assist. When the carer find an individual who is not able to speak or has problems with the verbal communication for 1. If communication has not been understood then going over what was said is essential and maybe in a different way to ensure agreement and understanding is reached. For example if you are working on a daily basis with individuals that communicate using Makaton it makes sense to go on a Makaton course. I recognise that good communication has to be personalised to each individual and I make sure each person has the correct method of communication to be able to feed back to me. This includes sign language interpreters, lip speakers, deaf-blind communicators and note takers.

Some individuals may not understand complex sentences that contain a large number of keywords. The term confidentiality means a set of rules or a promise that limits access to, or places restrictions upon, certain types of information. For example, in some cultures eye contact is considered impolite whilst in others not making eye contact is considered rude.

identify sources of information and support for advocates

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2.2 explain how communication affects all aspects of own practice
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