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The Government and the local municipal authorities have taken many initiatives towards the improvement of the current situation The Expert Committee, On the other hand, the management of hazardous waste materials is typically the job of the generator, subject to local, national and even international authorities.

The relationship between public health and the improper storage, collection and disposal of solid wastes is quite clear. The administration of non-hazardous waste in metropolitan areas is the job of local government authorities.

Types of solid waste management

Priority is being given to waste minimisation, recycle and reuse, followed by the safe disposal of waste to minimise pollution. The environmentally sound management of solid wastes issue had received the attention of international and national policy making bodies and citizens Subramanian, This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. On the other hand, the management of hazardous waste materials is typically the job of the generator, subject to local, national and even international authorities. Klee, P. The most striking difference that can be seen is the difference in organic content which is much higher in the low income countries than the high income countries, while the paper and plastic content is much higher in high income countries than low income countries. For example, archaeologists are currently digging in the town dump of Williamsburg, Virginia, in order to obtain a more complete picture of life in colonial times. Categorization may also be based on hazard potential, including radioactive, flammable, infectious, toxic, or non-toxic. Thus, in the ultimate run the society has to pay dearly for open dumping. Rodrigues, Chem. In ancient cities, waste was seldom a problem—it simply accumulated until the city was leveled in a war and a new community was built on top of the rubble [1]. Brewers Association Inc. Generation of noxious odours Promotion of micro organisms that cause diseases Attraction and support of disease vectors rodents and insects that carry and transmit disease carrying micro-organisms Unaesthetic appearance Functional elements of a solid waste management system The following are the key functional elements for implementing a solid waste management system: source reduction. Waste processing and recovery refer to the facilities, equipment, and techniques employed both to recover reusable or recyclable materials from the waste stream and to improve the effectiveness of other functional elements of waste management.

Niessen and S. Interscience Publishers, New York, Waste transfer and transport are the activities involved in moving waste from the local waste collection locations to the regional waste disposal site in large waste transport vehicles.

With the data of the solid waste generated in this study area, proper management strategies can be planned by top management of UNIMAS and put it into action in the future. In addition, influence of nitric acid concentration and liquid to solid ratio on removal ratio of the four heavy metals was studied.

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Government, for the first time, now has included private organisations in providing this public service DPCC,

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Introduction to Solid Waste Management