Is google making us smarter

Of course not.

Is google making us lazy

But it also created a much larger pool of knowledge from which people could draw, a pool that has continued to expand or, dare we say, continued to extend? It is a scientific fact proved by lead neurologists that multitasking worsens memory and negatively affects attention. Hieronimo Squarciafico, a 15th-century Venetian editor and critic of the printing press, once said , "Abundance of books makes men less studious. It was as if Inga did not actually recall the address of MOMA but only the page in her notebook where she had written it down. For starters, the most obvious reason. She decides to go see it. Experienced Internet users actually showed increased brain activity, with more advanced decision-making skills and complex reasoning.

To further complicate the issue, consider the many types of intelligence. Google is a web server that helps us in many ways for getting answers and learning more about history,music,news,people etc.

is the internet making us smarter essay

Sure enough, writing did rob us of some gifts, such as the ability to recite epic poems like The Iliad from memory. We innately believe, for example, that as we walk down a street, we are continuously filming a detailed movie of our surroundings and using that mental movie to decide what to do next.

Some people basically use it as a replacement of an education, while others use it to find information quick and easy. Or is that illiter8?

Some believe that humans have reached their genetic potential and are now on the decline.

Is google making us smarter

Clark and Chalmers asked their readers to imagine a woman named Inga. Science offers this example: If somebody asks you how many national flags have just one color, do you think first about the actual flags? Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Google drew many users into its cyber-spaced net having altered their way of thinking forever. Carr based his opinion purely on his own observations that he would rather skim the text than read it. Using Google as an engine for research, thehuman brain is at challenge. Some people basically use it as a replacement of an education, while others use it to find information quick and easy. It makes the brain function in a different way. If you need proof of this, compare a TV show from the 70s to one today.
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Is Google making us dumb or making us smarter?