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Admiringly, Eddie looks up to his father, whose respect he will seek to regain throughout his personal and collective journey. Also includes original insights I observed during the film 5 Exchange Credits Add to Cart Remove from Cart Proceed to Cart Studying with Academic Integrity: Studying from past student work is an amazing way to learn and research, however you must always act with academic integrity. Im sorry I didnt help you more The film also explores the role of family in shaping your identity. Eventually, the tension mounts and even Eddie becomes abusive to Netta during a very low and desperate moment in his life. Netta always seen in the kitchen? Ultimately, after an 11 year battle that outlived him, Mabo prevailed and terra nullius, a racist and objectively absurd doctrine, was swept away by a majority in the High Court. The film is not just about racism. The historic judgement overturned the idea of terra nullius and claimed that native title survived in many places, even though the land had been taken by the Crown. Food for thought as we lead up to a referendum on the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians. She walks with him in protest marches, helps in the school and keeps quite about the death threats so he can focus on the case. Slow motionthis is used to reflect Eddies emotional state such as when he first sees Bonita Some scenes will use a mixture: Eg. When Eddie sits in protest in the pub he is asked are you the Vietcong? She keeps the family going, working when heavily pregnant to support the family financially, laying out his clothes every day of their relationship and being by his side both physically and metaphorically throughout the whole case. In the sequence in James Cook University we see the gulf between the two systems of law.

The telemovie also had personal resonance for me: I am humbled to know or have known some of the other players in this drama, such as the barristers Ron Castan and Bryan Keon Cohenas well as the director Rachel Perkins.

Eddie is a strong but flawed hero in Mabo. They work hard for him but they also benefit from the case as it is the landmark case they have been looking for.

Mabo note film

Smith The propositional questioni. Eddie is a strong but flawed hero in Mabo. The octopus totem, knowledge of which also passes from father to son, also symbolises the spiritual sense of belonging among the Meriam people. Dejected, he realises he will not make up to his beloved father and give him the chance to be proud of his son. These are the very people who earlier would have accepted the discrimination that the family suffered and now embrace them. Perkins juxtaposes puts side by side shots of Eddie with those of the other white hotel guests and union members. Law can be intimidating and culturally inflexible. The contrasting attitudes initially held by Eddie and Bonita reflect the different responses of the First Australians. You were always one to get above yourself Eddie I protect you from yourself How would [your father] feel watching you stuffing everything up for everyone?

When Eddie and Mabo are both separately on a bus, there is fast paced acoustic guitar music which accentuates the idea that they are on the move with its fast rhythm.

Bonita is not an Islanderher clothing when they first meet is very white and mainstream in contrast with the clothing we see the Murray Islanders wearing. Accordingly, land is not just a territorial piece of physical land but a place of cultural and spiritual origin and pride. Her reaction however is not normal as she pays for all the goods and then leaves them, making her feelings clear.

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At this time in L. Hypocritically, they exploit Eddie when it suits, but do not support his protest. After Eddie has embarrassed himself after meeting Netta whilst drunk, he is shown dancing on the railway tracks. The film is showing that people have to stand up to this kind of discrimination if anything is to be achieved. The opening scene strategically positions father and son as fisherman on their beach of their beloved Murray Island which highlights the intense connection with the land and the sea. Eddie joins the Aboriginal Advancement League in Cairns because he realises that progress can only come through solidarity. To what extent do you agree? The music also assists the pace of the film. Benny is not his biological father but rather his spiritual and emotional one. We handed down from father to son-how can we not own it?

Do not copy from this work. He also alarms David with the realisation that a loss would mean large costs.

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The opening scene strategically positions father and son as fisherman on their beach of their beloved Murray Island which highlights the intense connection with the land and the sea.

Perkins has scenes to illustrate their relationship, Bonita waiting impatiently at the train station for his arrival, their dance to many rivers to cross and ultimately Eddies voice over reflecting on their relationship at the end of the film. We cant afford to be troublemakers Bonita Netta, people like us have no choice but to be troublemakers Eddie Interestingly Perkins shows that by the time the Mabo verdict comes through Australia has changed.

Thus Davy is the other direction Eddie could have taken in his life if he had not been the man he was. Ron Castan, barrister believes that the notion of burial grounds is integral to Meriam indigenous cultural traditions.

How does Perkins create a sense of time and place?

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