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Full text Liu, R. Full text Gasore, A. The university offers a limited number of scholarships for outstanding students; these are awarded by the faculties and sponsored by the University of Twente Scholarship programme UTS. Also, the UT campus is min bike ride distance away from the city, so the mobility is easy. Full text Dibaba, M. If you have not yet secured the requisite financial resources, contact us and we may be able to help you to find appropriate funding www. Contact the Traffic department. Discover the world of knowledge and expertise, learning and teaching, training and education. Full text Maiti, A. Education of the University of Twente, characterized by Design, Research and Organize and Research at the University of Twente, which sets standards in the field of new technology and seeks to stimulate change, renewal and progress in society see also page Full text Mayasari, R.

For more information please visit the website: www. Clearly state to your faculty contact person that you want to apply for a scholarship. Full text Waweru, K. Full text Chen Na Spatial temporal relationship between elephant movements and the surface water availability in the Amboseli ecosystem.

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The need for experts who understand how Europe works is being felt not only in Brussels, but also by national governments and advisory bodies with a growing need for knowledge of European working relations. Full text Muchando, A. Bachelor degree certificate 2.

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Please note that some scholarships are for specific nationalities or specific educational programmes. The emphasis is therefore on the integration and reuse of geo-information and the associated production process.

It will also allow the participant to effectively create and handle geoinformation and to build and use geo-information applications and SDIs. ITC Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation Space for Global Development ITC is recognized worldwide for achievements in teaching, research and capacity development in the field of geo-information science and earth observation. Full text Kato, L. The development of research skills is given attention throughout the course. If you are fascinated by the complex world of public administration and policy, and would like to work towards a more sustainable system of public administration, the MSc Public Administration programme may be just right for you. Full text Madhu, A. Full text Mwenje, E. You want to specialize in specific subjects of choice, join a research group, and gain relevant experience in industry. As a Business Information Technology graduate, you know that introducing a new information system is more than organizing a technical installation: it requires insight into business processes and the business culture. This programme has a close collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin in Germany.

Full text Emmanuel, S. This process has thrown many developing countries into a poverty trap characterized by expansion of agriculture into marginal lands, land degradation and declining yields.

They also learn how to analyse and reflect on technology and its impact on society. Full text Mahagaonkar, A.

The general information in this brochure does not always directly apply to programmes at Faculty ITC. Full text. Potable water is getting increasingly scarce, which makes it a valuable resource to be managed wisely. The sustainable generation of energy will play a key role in coping with these issues. This programme has a close collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin in Germany. Full text Korir, M. For systems of high complexity, such as high-order, non-linear or timedelay dynamics and hybrid and embedded systems, study targets range from small-scale micro-systems to large-scale industrial processes.
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