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Problem statements given here are verbatim from the competition except some diagrams are missingand are copyrighted by the MAA.

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Untilresults were mailed in late March or early April. The course times are from 10am-4pm each day.

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What are the class sizes? Refunds up to 30 days before event Event description Description 1 day course, all exam boards covered. Some discussion therein is reflected in the solutions posted here. Those appear in the official competition summary see below. If cancelled any closer to the time, you will get a full refund in the form of vouchers for any other LearnSmart courses, with no time limit of purchase. Also, please do not refer to these as "official solutions", as this describes the solutions issued by the MAA which reflect the intent of the problem setters. We suggest that others observe a similar delay before discussing the exam online. They appear here with permission, but further redistribution is subject to copyright restrictions which I am not authorized to waive; contact the MAA for assistance. Copyright is held by the named authors, who request that you link to this page in lieu of reproducing these solutions elsewhere. If your son or daughter is taking GCSE Maths and they don't always know how to answer exam questions for full marks, this is the course for them. For each competition, the MAA has published an official competition summary with problems, solutions, results, and statistics in the a few months after the exam date.

This course provides past paper practice right before the real thing, keeping exam technique front of mind.

It will propel their knowledge above and beyond what they need to succeed.

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The course takes students through multiple past papers, explaining how to answer questions and what a model answer to each question would look like. The results from the competition, held on Saturday, December 1, are now posted. When do the courses take place?

edexcel maths past papers 2018

She is passionate about the education and inspiration of others and as such it is all she lives, breaths and does! What is included?

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