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A: No, you may work on it in multiple sessions, though you will need to save your work after you finish each section of the application. A grant from The Andrew W. The system will continue to accept letters for a few days after the deadline and will add them to your application at the earliest possible time, though we cannot guarantee that they will accompany your application in the first stage of review. Due to the number of requests ACLS receives each year, and the work of administering new fellowships each spring, we do not begin processing feedback until the summer, after the competition year is complete. A: No, you will need to start over with a new online application. Thank you for your patience. This study opens new inquiries into the conception of legal pluralism while also answering a wider call for empirically grounded research on the perils and potentials of righting sexual wrongs by way of criminal prosecution.

Clement completed the Peer reviewers have expressed strong reservations about letters from dossier services since they are necessarily general and thus less helpful in assessing the merits of the proposed project.

Online fellowship application process Q: May I edit an application submitted in a previous competition and resubmit it for this year?

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Leitch, Dr. The fellowship may be carried out in residence at the fellow's home institution, abroad, or at another appropriate site for the research. Award and stipend Q: Are fellowship stipends paid directly to the fellow or are they paid through his or her home institution? We highly recommend that you start the process at least several weeks before the deadline to get a sense of what is required and start preparing your materials. The project finds that categories of harm arise from different notions of normative sex, intentionality, and personhood that crosscut sites of redress. Q: I have a dissertation completion fellowship this year, but I will not finish my dissertation by the end of this year. His dissertation thus unravels how this problem of representation defined the efforts of criollos to join the capitalist world economy and profoundly determined the shape that class, gender, and racial hierarchies would take in Latin America. In a section of the application separate from the body of the proposal, you are also asked to address the significance of your proposed project for the humanities more broadly. The applicant's record of scholarly engagement and potential for scholarly achievement.

Q: Should I include citations in my chapter sample? Notifications will be sent via email in late March Do you have examples of successful proposals?

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A: No, you may work on it in multiple sessions, though you will need to save your work after you finish each section of the application. This is especially the case with sexual harm, which is historically dealt with in a number of ways.

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