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After the final coat, sand and then spray a clear acrylic sealer to finish.

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What brand do I personally use? Watch this video.

Mod podge paper

Email6 Do you want to learn how to decoupage the right way? Then rinse in warm water and let it dry. FolkArt or Martha Stewart brushes. Wax paper is preferable for covering your table. If you are working with thinner sheets of scrapbook paper or inkjet printouts, it may help to spray your paper with a clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging. What should I do if Mod Podge dries in my brush? There is no such thing as colored Mod Podge , but you can tint it with paint. So if in doubt, do a test.

What type of brush should I use to apply Mod Podge? Regular brush cleaner or non-abrasive soap works very well for cleaning brushes.

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Using a brush, paint a light coat of Fabric Mod Podge onto your fabric. You are better off applying too much than not enough, because you can always wipe away excess. This tutorial shows you the seven most important steps to Mod Podging correctly! Then use steel wool and lightly sand the entire surface. Let that dry. I can apply more force to smooth and work more quickly than if I just used my hands. What do I need to do? Almost any surface can be used to create a decoupage project. Laserjet — no prep work necessary. I would use two — three coats to seal a project. Does Mod Podge have a shelf life?

Have patience. Then you can decoupage as normal. I recommend four — five coats for a project that is going to be outdoors.

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Cut out your paper or whatever it is that you are planning to decoupage. The Fabric formula is a bit thicker than the Original formula, but used exactly the same way. What type of brush should I use to apply Mod Podge? Do you want to be a perfect Mod Podger? Yes, you can. Then you have to sand. Apply a medium coat of Mod Podge to the surface. What is your Mod Podging process? Spray both sides of the paper with workable fixatif several coats and let it dry. What is the best way to clean brushes? How should I smooth out paper? Here a few tips you should know before beginning. What Mod Podge is best to use for an area of my home that will be exposed to moisture bathroom, kitchen backsplash? Add interest to your design by using large and small pieces, layering and overlapping elements and coordinating colors. Not enough will cause wrinkles.
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How to Mod Podge Paper to Wood (with Pictures)