Nelson mandela s rivonia trial speech

The defendants were released on bail, and in the long Treason Trial began; by only 30 of the accused, including Mandela, remained on trial.

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The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has a rare typescript of the speech, which Mr Mandela autographed and gave as a gift to a comrade.

New York: St. Yet most Africans, even in this group, are impoverished by low incomes and high cost of living. The fact that members of Umkhonto were recruited from the ANC … did not, in our view, change the nature of the ANC or give it a policy of violence.

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But that was not our highest priority. Umkhonto leaflet in Harsch, p.

nelson mandela speech i am prepared to die full speech

Among those arrested, Mandela and Sisulu were found guilty of promoting communism but received suspended sentences. On the morning of the protest PAC members walked the streets and actively implored workers to gather at the police station rather than go to work.

Nelson mandela s rivonia trial speech

Once again, however, the government responded with a series of police raids and, a year later, accused revolutionaries, including Mandela, of high treason. Instead of testifying in his own defense, Mandela spoke from the dock for more than three hours. The Speech in Focus Contents summary After the state presented its case, Mandela opened the defense with a statement from the dock. These workers staged strikes and protests with little support from the ANC, which distanced itself from the masses. The speech is, in essence, a persuasive justification for the revolutionary actions of the Umkhonto we Sizwe in light of the long oppression of African peoples in South Africa. I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation , and oppression of my people by the whites. Mandela was banned, as was the African National Congress. Hoping to maintain the mass political fervor roused by the Defiance Campaign, the ANC began to work more closely with other antia-partheid groups. Meredith, Martin.
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Nelson Mandela's speech 'I am prepared to die' at the Rivonia trial