New business plan ideas india

First decide type of Yoga you will be teaching and your competency. Royal Jelly, produced for the queen bee, commands a high price in the market from individuals and medical companies.

Pet care Understandably, people love their pets.

business ideas with low investment and high profit in india

Investment required for this business is moderate. There are many local and foreign manufacturers of these tools, who are looking for distributors for specific regions.

By building greenhouses that are vertical, like a skyscraper, with multiple levels of different fruit and vegetables, one could harvest produce for a city or town using a building.

You can plan to make service firm to provide services for visiting foreign nationals for medical treatment in India. However, over the years, the concept of wedding gowns has become popular among people of other faiths too.

If you are well versed in handling pets, this is a great business you may consider. Visa Consultant Good visa consultants are always in demand.

List of businesses in india

Cloud or Hosting Services Many small companies prefer to take hosting service on the cloud for their initial requirement of servers. Nutritionist Everyone is now concerned about what they eat and when they should eat it. If you open stationary shop nearby school or business area, your chance of getting success in this business will be very high. Used Furniture Sale Business Many people want to get some furniture like sofa, television etc for themselves but cannot afford the new ones. This business demand substantial capital investment. Niche blogs A niche blog is a site that focuses on a narrow group of audiences and readers in a larger market with a common specific interest, which basically means that this kind of a website works best at targeting a specific section of the audience. This business can be started by any individual. This business demands planning and execution skill. However, you need to make a considerable investment for establishing water filtering and package drinking plant. It can take at least three months to achieve parity in this business, which can be expected to provide gross profits of almost 20 percent.

You need chocolate recipe, utensils, cookware, molds and packing material to start this business. Setting up a batter manufacturing unit from home or a small premise is fairly inexpensive. However, audio and video cassette players are now rare.

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