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Edwards, so the two companies get frozen in position.

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Last summer, Oracle said its tentative plan called for cutting half of PeopleSoft's payroll, but Oracle appears to be leaning toward less drastic cutbacks now. But last week, Oracle President Safra Katz said the company would "oversupport" PeopleSoft's existing 12, customers to help keep their business if a merger were clinched. Just as Microsoft has expanded its dominant position in desktop computing by offering word processing and spreadsheet programs that run on its Windows operating system, so Oracle hopes to add layers of software that are tied to its mainstay product, the Oracle database systems. As of the close of business on Friday, December 10, , approximately ,, shares had been tendered in and not withdrawn from the offer. PeopleSoft 10 is likely 30 to 36 months out," Ellison said. A Version 9 of the PeopleSoft product, Mr. Oracle is one of the biggest providers of database software, but they were lacking in the customer relationship management CRM domain.

We intend to immediately extend and improve support for existing JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers worldwide. Ellison said in an interview yesterday.

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On the other hand, Oracle would be able to expand the company, get new products, a bigger staff, and stay in the current position it is in if they bought out PeopleSoft. Ellison explained. Then, for the first time, Oracle was shown PeopleSoft's books.

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But who would counter? Not large, multinational corporations, which already have invested billions in enterprise software, according to Lee, but mid-size companies where the potential for growth is greatest. PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems, for example, were started by former Oracle employees. Last summer, Oracle said its tentative plan called for cutting half of PeopleSoft's payroll, but Oracle appears to be leaning toward less drastic cutbacks now. This is an attempt to control all aspects of the market. In recent weeks, PeopleSoft's resistance to any bid has weakened. Beyond sparring with PeopleSoft over the poison pill defense, Oracle has fought with the Department of Justice , European regulators , and various shareholder groups to win PeopleSoft. But Oracle and its lawyers were optimistic about prevailing in this case, because the takeover battle had gone on so long. Oracle decided that it could increase its bid for PeopleSoft and still have a profitable deal. Ellison said, were "what really animated the PeopleSoft board to open negotiations. When Oracle decided to acquire PeopleSoft, it was also able to provide customers with a stronger support system and become their one-stop shop. Two years ago this industry was where all the action was and it was thought no one could possibly fail because this kind of software was supposed to be the magic elixir. Then, on June 16, PeopleSoft and J.

Raw emotions could play a big role in the days to come, given that the enterprise software companies comprise a tightly knit group where everyone seems to know everyone else and personalities and friction are often not far from the surface, according to the Wharton experts.

Industry watchers have been anticipating a shakeout, as technology spending has dried up and corporate customers are buying products from a small pool of large companies, rather than the other way around.

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Some analysts think that PeopleSoft shareholders are getting a raw deal. And the stream of yearly software maintenance revenues PeopleSoft collects from customers was also larger and more profitable than Oracle had thought.

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It's unclear what role, if any, Conway would have in the new company. His focus is on business-applications software — programs that handle functions like finance, accounting and customer relationship management CRM — which is the kind of software PeopleSoft specializes in. Another reason why Oracle wanted, or perhaps needed, PeopleSoft was to level the playing field against competitors. In recent weeks, PeopleSoft's resistance to any bid has weakened. In two or three years, Oracle, Mr. The possible negative motive is that Larry Ellison, who has a bit of a reputation for not being easy to get along with, is only doing this to grab the limelight and disrupt both J. The merger is another step in the consolidation of the information technology industry as it matures, according to many industry analysts and Oracle's founder and chief executive, Lawrence J. For one thing, Fader notes, it would be wrong to underestimate the unpredictable roles that egos and personal relationships will play in such a closely knit industry. George "Skip" Battle, chairman of PeopleSoft's transaction committee, said in a release. In the interview, he said Oracle planned to upgrade the current PeopleSoft business software, Version 8, and provide technical support for 10 years. But, more recently, the idea has been to put together a central platform to provide a view of how the parts work together across the whole enterprise, Fader explains. On Nov. If it goes through, the proposed acquisition would be the biggest in years. Every time a new application is developed, you can freeze the market. Larry Ellison said today that the company had sent a letter to PeopleSoft's board of directors, informing them that Oracle would file papers with the U.

The deal will create a major force in the software world, and could bring significant customer revenue to Oracle.

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