Poverty and drugs essay

drug addiction and poverty understanding the connection

Heroin, a drug that is predominantly injected, presents its own health risks, such as an increased likelihood of hepatitis C HCV and HIV infectionas well as the risk of an unintentional overdose.

Department of Health and Human Services, For quite a while the issue of substance abuse has been perceived to be a problem of persons residing in the inner cities of America and other countries.

The relationship between poverty and drugs

Admissions for amphetamine-related treatment continue to increase. The constant news about celebrities dying from accidental overdoses is all the example we need. Education and Drug Addiction In the past, many people assumed that those who were educated, with a college degree, and a successful career could not possibly get addicted to drugs. Advertisement As many as 85 percent of people who go through the criminal-justice system struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, which in turn drives high recidivism rates. In some cases, addiction causes poverty, rather than the other way around. So I did some research. Drug Addiction and Poverty: Finding Solutions With any poverty issues, jobs would help ending the connection between drug addiction and poverty. Recent studies indicate that the problem is now a problem in most rural areas as well as towns of various sizes. They reduce access to and availability of drugs, raise awareness about consequences of abuse, and build skills in youth, parents, and communities to deal with the drug of the moment.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA report, National Drug Threat Assessment Summarythe availability of methamphetamines has risen each year since and demand may be increasing nationally. Issues to address therefore include the following: Influence of poverty on alcohol use and problems Influence of alcohol use on poverty and poverty alleviation Impact of alcohol use and poverty on health, education and quality of life.

Free Insurance Verification Not sure if you can afford to go to rehab? The main cities in which the studies were conducted were New York and Chicago.

But one of the greatest strengths of community coalitions is the way they build partnerships within the community to change attitudes and change social norms. The other factors include unemployment and isolation in the rural areas.

war on drugs and poverty

Poverty leads to people living in a state of financial instability that causes both physical and emotional stress. There is little doubt that drug addiction and poverty are related.

Poverty and adolescent drug use

However, several studies have concluded people with lower income or those who live in environments that are not conducive to economic growth, are more at risk of falling victims to drug abuse. Various studies have been dedicated in exploring the various causes of substance abuse in our contemporary society. For a step-by-step guide to implementing a rural substance abuse treatment program, see the Rural Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Toolkit. The results have been beyond anything I imagined. FQHCs must also provide mental health and substance abuse services, either directly in a health center or by an arrangement with another provider. It is therefore true that the various institutions and structures of our society are very important parameters in influencing the substance abuse in the society and various other societal issues. Increases are most noticeable in nonurban areas of Appalachia where injection drug use IDU has been identified as the primary risk factor for HCV. Is treatment for substance abuse available in rural areas? The most obvious way drug use impacts poverty is through the fact that drugs are addictive and an addict will do anything to get their drugs. But a review of this literature suggests that in many cases, unemployment precedes addiction and that either way, it reduces the odds of recovery. It is not clear why one person can try a drug without getting addicted, while others fall for their effect immediately. Drug Abuse Causes Poverty Drug abuse often causes poverty.
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Substance Abuse in Rural Areas Introduction