Symbolism satire and other literary devices in animal farm a novel by george orwell

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His name was Emperor Nicholas II. As time passes, the new leaders become greedy and corrupt, and the other animals realize conditions are just as miserable as before. Every year the town has a lottery pull, in which one person is chosen at random, to be stoned to death by all of their fellow townsmen. Socialism is …show more content… The most blatant use of irony that occurs in Animal Farm is the manipulation of the Commandments, symbolizing the Communist Manifesto, by the pigs to cater to their own whims. These dogs were to provide propaganda, in this case fear tactics of what would happen if someone was to oppose Napoleon, to keep all the units, or animals, in line with their jobs. Fitzgerald uses characterization and symbolism from different characters and items to convey the corruption of the American dream He helped found the idea of Animalism, which was founded on the idea that all animals are equal. The lottery is a tradition that was started many years ago, and is kept alive by the current residents. Do you know the enemy who has come in the night and overthrown our windmill? Karl Marx is known as the father of Marxism, the foundation for the political ideology of Communism. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend 3.

Both Napoleon and Stalin both saw use in brute force. Some of the most common are devices such as similes, symbolism, satire, and alliteration.

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But man forgets reality and remembers words. A comrade is a person in which you travel with or fight alongside with.

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Napoleon is a near mirror image of Stalin and his beliefs. Because of the relationship between America and Communist Russia during WWII, Animal Farm was not originally received with warmth because it was thought of as harmful propaganda.

Old Major then states that a rebellion must occur so that the animals can be freed. This dystopian vision of the future serves as a reminder to the reader that anything can happen, but it is up to humanity to shape what kind of future is wanted in the end.

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Symbolism and Literary Techniques in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" Essay