The most memorable event during my ojt

What would you recommend that you do to improve your performance?

the most memorable event during my practicum sample

Maintainance in software and hardware station. So my boss get angry and I was so ashamed with her. What are your successes and the effects of those successes?

the most memorable event during my work immersion

I address this challenge by asking a question to the programmer with no hesitate and by searching in the Google. In my coursework I was able to apply my knowledge in troubleshooting, networking and researching.

The most memorable event during my immersion

But of course as a beginner i should be observant for how everything works. Answer: The structure of the area where I was I assigned is good and well organized. Answer: My experience with the people around me was a great feeling because they treat me as they co-employee. Answer: Well, honestly it was so hard to be a programmer like the employee in the company. What content from your coursework did you apply to your experience? Aguilar he is so nice and considerate kind of person. Summarize how you spent the hours during your practicum including the specific accomplishments. Always know your part. All I can advice to those who will take their practicum in the future is to have focus in mind with their work, always have determination to accomplish task, follow rules and regulations, and always bare on your mind to be competent trainee to impress your boss and a chance to be hire in their company in the future. Reflect upon your experience including what you have learned. My job description is to provide assistance to the agents and the operations managers in terms of issues they are encountering in there work stations. My goal is to finish all task given to on time. Answer: One of my successes is that I learned how to use the maginto website.

Accomplish my task on time and correctly. And how did you address these challenges? It is the company i have chosen to involve my self in different kind of works and techniques in handling 2.

The area is so friendly, nice, and air conditioned.

what is your advice to those who will take their practicum in the near future
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