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Communication Style in Cross Cultural Advertising Understanding the way in which other cultures communicate allows the advertising campaign to speak to the potential customer in a way they understand and appreciate.

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Before you begin translating your copy, decide who you want to target. Cultural differences with regard to eye contact, when it is acceptable to smile, and name protocol for addressing foreign counterparts are all qualities that dramatically impact all angles of negotiation and interpersonal communication.

A rather obvious tip known all too well by U. On the downside, the translations made by the program were not precisely brilliant. In the marketing industry, localization is the adaptation of all elements — from design to cultural references — for a specific audience.

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You can then choose your desired language and click on Translate. You might consider starting a profile on social networking sites like Twitter or Instagram specifically catering to speakers of another language. Is there a dominant political or economic ideology?

Remember to include these newer forms of media in your advertising translation plans.


Critics say the scarf looks like a Kaffiyeh, which is a type of scarf some think is now said to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Such mishaps in communication almost always serve to diminish one's credibility. Even the slightest change to adapt your product can make a world of difference. These include: the dress code for appointments, the manner in which we introduce ourselves and greet others, expressing thanks to the hosts as well as proper etiquette for the presentation of gifts. During her presentation, the woman became acutely aware of a man in the audience who proceeded to make strange faces at her. If this is not on your setting or mobile portrayal, please scan your document, snap a football, or fax it. There are several different dialects within the Spanish language. The Muslim dolls with modest clothing and pro-family backgrounds, have been developed by a government agency to promote traditional values. DocTranslator Though the many ads on the site and interface may put you off, DocTranslator has a solid database, using the Google Translate service to process your textual content and containing translation support for more than 50 languages.

Upon finding out why, the owners of the Kinki Nippon Tourist Company changed its name. If you do, and are already an avid user of Google Docsthen you can easily take advantage of its Translate Document functionality and use it on your uploaded PDFs.

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5 Quick Tips for Advertising Translation