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Prelims are scheduled by submitting the appropriate paperwork to the Graduate Advisor. The purpose of this report is to assess students annually and provide feedback on their program. Committee members have the right to reject documents that fail to meet these guidelines. Up to 12 credit hours of the required 36 with a grade of B or better from another accredited U. I retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis, dissertation or record of study. To assure the student receives necessary guidance regarding University academic matters, all advisory committees must include at least one tenure-track faculty member. The department and OGAPS will allow for the removal of only one registration block due to not meeting these requirements. No substitutions can be made for the Chair of the advisory committee and the examination must be rescheduled if two or more members cannot attend. This even applies to international students who are returning to their home country to conduct research. Graduate students must fulfil the two semester teaching requirement before they can serve as an IA.

Non-teaching appointments, such as grading, instrument operation, or instructional assistant positions IAdo not count toward the teaching requirement.

If a student will be leaving the country or continental United States for anything except a vacation, please contact the Study Abroad Office.

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I also retain the right to use in future works such as articles or books all or part of this thesis, dissertation, or record of study. The final exam is to be scheduled only after the advisory committee agrees the thesis or dissertation is ready for defense. The student must meet with the WFSC graduate advisor immediately following the dismissal, where a deadline will be set for the student to secure a new WFSC faculty advisor. Faculty lab coordinators may complete a final evaluation form as well. These conferences are well worth the two hours. The student should report regularly on research progress to the advisor and the advisory committee to prevent unexpected surprises or misunderstandings and to gain approval of any redirection. Objectives specify what hypotheses will be tested; define the limits of the proposed study. Emails regarding university and departmental deadlines will be sent multiple times each year.

All signatures must be handwritten no electronic signatures accepted. Submitting earlier in the semester, prior to deadline day, is highly encouraged and will result in a faster review time for your document.

The advisor s will serve as chair s of the committee. Although the student and advisor play the major roles in determining the research project, project identification and evaluation should incorporate continuing input from the entire advisory committee.

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Registration Blocks and Block Removal Students who fail to submit a degree plan and forms signed by their advisory committee prior to departmental and University deadlines will be blocked from future course registrations until documents have been submitted and approved.

Remedial coursework not applicable to the graduate program will be required for students without proper graduate preparation in the chosen discipline and should precede major coursework and research when possible. Any international graduate student not meeting the English language requirements when admitted must take the ELPE.

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If a student will not be able to meet this requirement, a petition for waivers and exemptions can be submitted to OGAPS through the departmental Graduate Advisor.

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