Transitioning from high school to college

It also surrounded me with love and great friendships that I would not have been able to find elsewhere.

transitioning from high school to college with a disability

They will help you in study groups or with tutoring. In the fall, I welcome their peers as college freshmen who find themselves enrolled in my music history survey classes. In fact, joining the dance team has been the best decision that I have made during my college experience so far.

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The career services department will be able to direct you to career pages, job boards, and university partnerships, as well as review your resume and help build other job search and interview skills. Be smart with school resources The level of studying at college will be different, and more concentrated, than high school. With that move under my belt, I thought the transition from high school to college would be an easy one for me. For the most part, even in AP classes, high school students will have assignments due the same week they are given. Learning communities If you work well in community-based environments, check to see if your college or the college you are interested in provides learning community opportunities. Just know that there are ways to get help with them. If you are always out and then use up the rest of your time to study, that lack of sleep can lead to poor academic performance and your health may deteriorate. In contrast, college students are expected to fend for themselves and will learn that missing an assignment, under practically any circumstances, is unacceptable. After making the team and only a day of being surrounded by my teammates, I knew that I had found my niche. In college, you may meet someone new every day for four years!

Many students, however, do not enroll in higher education until several years after their high school graduation. Most professors offer office hours as well, so take advantage of those.

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First find out whether your textbooks are needed for the class. Freshmen should think of their first year of college as a full-time job; before giving an excuse to a professor, imagine an employee offering the same excuse to a supervisor. I decided that it was not necessarily the school that was the problem, but my attitude about my circumstances.

Make every effort to attend your orientation!

high school to college transition tips
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How To Successfully Transition From High School To College