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Birthday cards for mom from son

Cute So sorry this message is reaching you late. I am who I am because of you mom. Sincere You are such an amazing son and are growing up to be an even more amazing man. Thank you. You do it all, and you do it all well. Have a lovely birthday! Three things have always remained constant in my life: your love, affection, and support. Thank you for your patience and forgiveness over the years, Mom. I cannot now imagine a life without her. Mommy, you make me happy. I just wanted to take today to say thank you, I love you, and happy birthday Mom! May it be filled with kindness, warmth, and love as well. Have a wonderful day mom. Next year, maybe! Happy Birthday!

You are a class act, Mom. Thank you for your patience and forgiveness over the years, Mom. I owe so much to you!

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In this case, simple is better and remember, moms love drawings! Thank you, and happy birthday Mom! You are as epic as a Tolkien novel.

What do i write in a birthday card for my mom

I am so proud of you. May you know only love and happiness on your birthday. Wish you a warm and happy birthday! Thank you for always giving so much to me over the years. I love you so much mom! Mom, you have such a free and cheerful spirit. So, open your arms wide, because I am coming at you! May your day be amazing from the beginning to the end, I wish you a happy birthday mother. I hope your day was as special as you. When I was younger, I used to think that the hugs and kisses I had to endure were so lame, but now I miss them so much. Never lose your twinkle, because your light is what leads my way in life.

Thank you for everything, and may your special day be filled with tons of presents, wine, and cake. Your joy, wit, and sparkle are incredibly appreciated, Mom. From makeup to boys to life to love you have always been there to answer all my questions.

Birthday card for mom from daughter

When I was younger, I aspired to be you, Mom. Mom, you make me the happiest person in the world. You actually get to remember how funny I looked when I was born. Happy birthday to my adoring mom and future grandma. You dazzle me with your faith and love. Happy birthday to my biggest influence! I wish you a day, filled with love, joy, care and fun. Happy birthday mum! You are my shelter and my home. Love you mom, happy birthday! Enjoy to the fullest.

You inspire me now just as much as when I was a kid. While your advice may not have always panned out, your support has never failed me. Cute Another great year of laughs, smiles and memories.

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He is your protector and someone you can lean on when times get rough.

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Birthday Wishes for Mom: What to Write in a Card