Writing a web design brief

We want to refresh this and have specific integrations we need to work.

Website brief objectives

However, both are two-sided processes. State your purpose and describe a target audience Step 3. How many employees work for your company? Are there any specific commercial results? At least you can compare apples with apples. How much on-going support do you think will be required for the site? Where possible promote the unique personal history of being a part-qualified architect. How often do you get a genuine sales lead through the website? To give you a sense of what to include, here are the core sections of an effective design brief. But what is the probability that you have the identical vision of the final product? You can save time by using an online tool to create your form! Is there other advertising taking place that the new website should tie in with?

What industry are you aiming the website at? Tone and Style The style of any project is what ensures consistency.

How to write a design brief

Join for free and access revenue share opportunities, tools to grow your business, and a passionate commerce community. What might you need help with moving forward? Sometimes simple works best. This gives you further guidance. Tell what website materials you will provide Step 9. An agency will know that with a higher budget, they can spend more time on UX design, or a thorough digital marketing campaign. Provide reliable and secure customer journeys. Think about mixing up your questions between multiple choice and long form.

How long have you been established? The files should be of good quality. The team will use them to make your website project stand out of the rest. Team Page 7. Are there any inspiring visuals associated with your business? The development team is going to find out how other companies work, what effective tools they use, and what will help you to become better.

website brief checklist

You will notice that this list details specific information about the business, its target audience as well as personal preferences. If you have any feedback on items you like to include but are missing from this, then join in the conversation in the comments at the bottom.

Website brief template 2019

Creative Brief Examples Still not clear how to make your own kick-ass creative brief? What problem does this product solve? However, if you plan to launch something truly extraordinary, the process will require involving photographers, flash designers, etc. Generally, what logos or brands do you think will appeal to your audience and why? Who will be responsible and who will approve the final solution? What other assets does the client expect at the completion of the project? Some people call this document a brief and others a specification. Where possible promote a professional individual who is happy to discuss requirements face-to-face and to listen to and respect clients input and ideas as part of a collaborative service.

It should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, and serve as a common point of reference for all parties involved.

You can dazzle your clients with the free version but for a really great experience, you might want to consider upgrading to the Pro.

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How to Write a Design Brief to Keep Your Projects On Track