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But, how are journalists supposed to earn a profit? Not the security of the US but him personally and directly.

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View Images Gen. Historian Michael Robertson has said that "Newspaper reporters and readers of the s were much less concerned with distinguishing among fact-based reporting, opinion and literature.

There is no trouble. Not the Constitution.

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The need for trustworthiness and honesty was again restored. After the sinking of the Maine, the Hearst newspapers, with no evidence, unequivocally blamed the Spanish, and soon U. Did anyone in the media challenge them? But, what about the audience? The Big Apple gradually became a well known place of vivid writing that offered these kinds of cheap thrills on daily basis.

The peak of yellow journalism, in terms of both intensity and influence, came in earlywhen a U. Back then, the largest portion of the reading public consisted of the working class and newspapers cost a cent or a two.

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Today's Yellow Journalism